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Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Saturday
10 am - 5 pm

Pioneer Soap Works
Inside Back Porch Antiques
108 East Broadway
Hobbs, N.M. 88240


Do you have a location where I can buy directly from you? TOP

Absolutely! If you live in the Midland Texas area, you can see me every Saturday at the Midland Down Town Farmer's Market during the months of March - November. or If you are in the Hobbs New Mexico area, you can visit my store location inside of Back Porch Antiques located at 108 East Broadway, Hobbs New Mexico.

Do you wholesale? TOP

Currently we do not offer a wholesale program. Pioneer Soap Works - The Bath Bar\ is owned and manufactured by Miss Rachel and her small family. As we grow and hire more help  we may offer a wholesale program in the future. The nature of our products are fresh and handmade in small  batches and they never stay on the shelf long because they sell so quickly, we want to keep up with our own location customers and a few here online, and so our products remain exclusive only to us.

If I buy in large qaunitites can I have a discount? TOP

Sure! I recommend you join our fan club. After you have been an active member of our fan club for 1 month, you will receive an information packet  which includes a fan discount card to present when shopping with us at our locations and tradeshows, a special link to Pioneer Soap Works - The Bath Bar  for the special Fan Login where all of our products will receive an instant discount when you place it in your cart. If you have special needs that the fan club does not meet, email me under the contact link with all of the details and I will reveiw your request. If it is approved I will get in contact with you for discount details and choices.

How do I join the Fan Club? TOP

To become a fan club member, go to the Fan Club Page or the Facebook Page and click the fan club link. You will be instructed to "like" our facebook fan page. If you are not a facebook member you will need to join facebook to proceed. After you have been active member for one month you will be contacted with your fan club discount card and a special link for you to login to Pioneer Soap Works- The Bath Bar with special fan discounts. If you leave the facebook fan page or unjoin at anytime your membership benefits will be revoked. An active member means, you participate on the facebook board by posting and participating in activities and games. You do not have to post daily or post 100's of posts. However, we do like to see you smile, click like and post a comment from time to time each month.

What are the benefits of being a Fan Club Member? TOP

As a fan club member you receive an instant discount of 10% off your orders.

You have opportunities to win and earn free products.

You get to test products before they are released to the general public sometimes.

You get the first inside look and purchase opportunity on new products and upcomming events.

You receive special discounts and coupons that no one else knows about.

As an added bonus for our in house Bath  and Fragrance Bar, you receive a loyalty card for The Bath Bar. Each time you have an item custom made at our Bath Bar you receive a stamp on your loyalty card. Once you fill it up, you receive a free roll on perfume dram in your favorite scent.

Can Canadian or UK customers use the In House Shipping Quotation method? TOP

Yes you may! The same method applies. Just specify in the customer comments box at check out that you are a canadain or UK customer and want an exact quote. However, we can only offer priority shipping for international orders. This is mandantory via our postal service, not our personal policy.

Do you offer free samples? TOP

I do not currently have a free sample listing on the store front. However, most orders do receive a sample size of a product when they are shipped out, or if you join the fan club, there are sample and full sized product testing opportunities. WWO threads are posted for the first five posting fans, the first five to post receives a sample or trial product. It is a first come, first serve basis. We also play Bingo once or twice a Month of the Fan Club site for a free full sized product for the winner.

If you would like to try a smaller size of our products before purchasing the full size, we offer "Body Shots" at our Bath Bar. A body shot is approximately 1 oz. on most products. You may also have your body shots custom scented.

Do you handmake everything like you do Pioneer Soap Works? TOP

Definately! For the exception of the Bling!Bling! and a few accessories, every bath product you see listed here is handmade by Miss Rachel, moi! All of the products here are my own formula. You may see products simular in other places, but they do not out perform Pioneer Soap Works! Of course, that is a reflection of what our customers say. :)

Our in house location also has a variety of other natural products from other companies that we have personally tried , love and use daily. Such items can be purchased within the boutique, but are not Pioneer Soap Works products, but just as wonderful, which is why we carry these product in our shop.

How can I get a job working for you? TOP

Right now, I am not hiring. I do have the helpful hands of some very close family and friends. However, from time to time I do hire, and when I do, each helper is required to sign a trade secret contract and agreement before they ever step foot in a work area or my laboratory.

What is your return policy? TOP

Our products are considered cosmetics to be used on your skin. All sales are final particularly once you have received them and they have been opened. If your order is incorrect , please contact me immediately so I can reveiw the order placed compared to what you received and I'll get that fixed for you asap.You will be mailed a shipping label to send the items back. We expect them to be treated with the love and respect during packaging that we gave them when we shipped them to you. Once your incorrect items have been received we will reship the corrected order. No charge to you.

All products leave us in perfect condition, and we package everything neatly securely so you receive your product in excellent condition. You will never be shipped a damaged product. If your  package was damaged during shipping we urge to contact your courier service.

Due to the nature of all of our custom products from our Bath Bar, once you order, you must pay for your order up front before we blend it. Once you have purchased these items, we  will not exchange or refund even if the items have not been used, because they are custom items we may not be able to resale to someone else due to customer preference. Please be very sure you truly want the fragrance you select before we begin your order. These orders are final.

Can I use the frosting on the cupcakes as well? TOP

ABSOLUTELY! That's is one of the things that set my cupcakes aside from the typical cupcake bath bombs  you see around. Their frosting is actually frosting that must be thrown in the trash and cannot be used. It's a waste of product if you ask me. I  worked diligently to design a bubble bath with the consistency of real frosting but actually worked and made bubble bath. You can take the frosting off the top of your cupcake and use it for bubble bath before the bubble cake or you can crumble them together and make bubble bath. I believe whole heartedly in making  products that are fully functionable and not just a looky-lou. lol

Are the bath bombs and bubble baths safe of my toddler? TOP

Definately. All of the products are made from natural, organic or organic derived ingredients and are safe for all ages. Toddlers and infants should be observed closely and bubble bath and bath bombs kept out of their reach because they do replicate real food. If you or your child develops a rash or irritation discontinue use immediately. Although these products are natural and handmade and safe for all ages, anyone can be allergic to an ingredient where as all skin types are differant. Some individuals maybe allergic to citric acid or glycerin as an example. Just because the products are natural does not mean if  will not react, it is always possible, especially considering we use various essential oils and plant extracts in our products. If you are allergic to lavender for example do not use any product that contains lavender. All of our product listings include a full and accurate ingredients listing so you can choose a product that is best for you and your children.

Can I eat the frosting and the candy sprinkles on my bubble bath? TOP

You could, but why would  you want to do that? The candy sprinkles are real candy sprinkles and they disolve quickly in your bath water, or you can brush them away and not put them in the bath at all. I do not recommend eating them because they decorate soap. Do Not Eat the frosting. It is non-toxic however, keep in mind it is not real food frosting either. It's specially designed bubble bath, it is soap, it will not taste as delicious as it looks or smells! In fact, when I made my first batch of bubble frosting, without thinking and a force of habbit of tasting frosting for real cupcakes, I licked a bit of the batter. It tasted horriable and took hours to get that taste out of my mouth. Please do not eat the frosting or any other part of the cupcake. Keep it out of reach of small children and pets so they are not tempted to eat it either. Cupcake Bubble Bath is not a food product.

My kiddo ate some of the frosting on the cupcake , what do I do? TOP

All parts of the Bubble Bath Cupcakes are non-toxic. Most likely it will taste bad enough they didn't get more than a bite in, and may experience a tummy ache. However, if you're concerned I recommend contacting your doctor or poison control and explaining your child ate some bubble bath and ask for their recommendations. All ingredients in the bubble bath cupcakes are  listed on the bottom label for referance. Keep all cupcake bubble bath and simular products out of  the reach of small children and pets.

How does the gift registery work? TOP

It's very simple. You can register here like you do anywhere else for your gift registery for bridal showers, birthday's, anniversaries  or any event you like.

1. Click the Gift Registry Link and click Set up your own Registry link.

2. Follow the instructions and fill out all of the required information.

3. Click Register.

4. Go Shopping! Browse Pioneer Soap Works - The Bath Bar and when you see things you want click Add to Registry.

Does it cost me anything to use your gift registry? TOP

Nope! It is 100% Free!

After I set up my registery, what do I do next? TOP

After you have set up your gift registry and have added everything you want, you contact your friends and family and give them the name you are registered under. Instruct them to go to and click the gift registery link then type in the name you entered when you registered in the Registrant's Name box, then click find registry. Your registry will appear. When your registry is clicked upon the list if items you registered will be present with the amount of each item you have requested and how many you have already received. They would proceed to shop as usual. adding items to their cart from your registry. It is important you fill out your shipping address when you register your items can be shipped to you.

I am purchasing a gift certificate for someone else, how does this work? TOP

Go to gift certificates in the Info section of the store and select the gift certificate you want to purchase. We will mail a gift certificate to the individual you are shopping for with their gift certicicate code so they may shop online or take it to one of our locations. When you check out you will need to give the Name and address of the person you want the gift cerficate mailed to and any additional love notes you want added to it. We will email you a copy of their gift certifcate code. The code will be a one time use code to be applied to their order, of if they shop within our store location they must present their gift certificate before items are added up at the register. Gift certificates hold no cash value and change will not be made, but we will issue an additional gift certificate the entire value is not met in house. Online orders will be required to purchase  the full value of the gift certificate and the code must be entered and then total recalculated to be applied before check out is complete.

How many gift registries can I do? TOP

You can register as many times as you like.

How do I remove items from my cart? TOP

View your cart and uncheck the item you want removed and click recalculate.

May I combine more than one special? TOP

Our shopping cart system is set up for one discount or voucher at a time. If you join our fan club you will receive a fan discount coupon each month for your fan club discount of 10% on your order. In addition I offer special discounts and free products. Calculate which would be a better savings for you before you apply a discount coupon and save the other coupon for a later date. If I post a special sale that your fan discount may also  be applied to, the special will be reflected on the products in the online store automatically and you would then apply your coupon code at check out which will give you a greater discount.

What if my shipping total goes over the amount of the largest flat rate box? TOP

The shopping cart system is set up to anticipate the weight and cost of shipping via priority. If you purchase $75.00 before tax in products your shipping is free. If you purchase several items and your shipping cost goes over the largest flat rate box then you will be refunded the amount of shipping not needed via paypal. If you are unsure, you may select "IN HOUSE SHIPPING QUOATATION" and request an invoice for the shipping on a priority flat rate box.

When do you ship after I place my order? TOP

90% of the time shipments will go out the Monday, Wednesday or Friday after they are received and payments have cleared Paypal. However, once every qaurter we have two weeks we do inventory and manufacture products for tradeshows and events. These weeks are called "Crunch" weeks where we are working over time to keep our stock at our location, for our market and manufacture the extra for the shows and events of that qaurter. During Crunch week we have a 7 day lead time, and it may take anywhere from 2 - 7 days for your order to be filled and shipped out. It will be posted clearly when there is a 7 day lead time. Usually during the Crunch weeks and because  your orders requiring a lead time, we offer special gifts and savings to compensate you for your waiting time.

Please take note to the left hand side of our website, our current lead time. The lead time referred to working days for us that the mail ships out by courier (Tuesday - Friday, we are closed on Monday). This lead time is the time it takes for us to get to your order after it has been received and for us to  make your order fresh for you. Sometimes the lead time is 24 hours sometimes it's 7 days. This depends on how many orders have hit our desk at once, the time of year for holidays and Fair and Rodeo weeks.

If our website states current lead time to be 7 days, you order on wednesday, Calling or emailing us the following Wednesday because your package has not arrived is irrelevant, because the lead time would be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, meaning   your order may not be filled until that friday and will ship the following monday after. PLEASE allow two weeks before you place a call in to our store or an email. We are a very small family oriented business, and not a major manufacturer, but we receive ALOT of online orders. Orders are filled in the order they are received paid in full. If we received 25 orders before yours, yours will be processed  in the same order.

Please do not plaster our fan page wall with "Where is my Order" " I ordered four days ago and have not heard anything". Please contact us via email or in our fan page inbox privately. Our customers do not appreciate complaints on our walls any more than we do, and it we do not always contact every customer individually when an order is placed. You are notifed via email from paypal when you're order is being processed via a delivery confirmation number, not to be confused with a tracking number. Please be understanding and leave order questions off our our facebook, blog, twitter and pinterest walls.

I only want to purchase a lip butter do I have to pay the flat rate shipping? TOP

Absolutely Not! Our shipping is set up according to weight, dimension and priority flat rate shipping via USPS. The beginning rate is $4.90 . If you only want a  lip butter or two, it will not cost $4.90 to ship that to you via first class mail. When you go to check out select the shipping option "In house shipping" and no shipping will be added to your total. You proceed to pay for your items and then you will be invoiced for a cheaper shipping rate for your item. Your items will not be shipping until you pay your shipping invoice.  You may also use this method if you do not want to pay for priority flat rate shipping. Simply select "In House Shipping" and we will weigh the items and send you an invoice for the cheapest shipping rate, either parcel post or first class. If you have not paid for your shipping invoice within 7 days of receiving your invoice your order will be canceled and you will receive a full refund, items will be then placed back in stock.

I do not want to use paypal, will you accept a check or money order? TOP

I will gladly accept a Cashiers check or money order. No hidden cash or personal checks unless you contact me and I approve of this method. You will need to contact me via the Contact form on the website and send me a list of products you want including qauntity  and add any coupon code you may have to this email. I will add your total up with shipping and discounts and email you the total and where to send your payment too.

All orders being paid for with Cashiers Check or money order should be made payable to:
Pioneer Soap Works

Mail to
Pioneer Soap Works

c/o Back Porch Antiques
108 East Broadway
Hobbs, NM 88240

Is The Bath Bar, LLC the same as Bath Bar, The Scent Bar, etc? TOP

No. The Bath Bar, L.L.C.  was first opened in 2004 in Hobbs, New Mexico by April Gordon. It was later sold to another individual and in 2010 Miss Rachel purchased the Bath Bar , L.L.C. fo Pioneer Soap Works Natural Soap and Candle Co.

The Bath Bar, L.L.C. is the name of our physical perfume bar within our store location of Pioneer Soap Works. At our bath / fragrance bar we customize by fragrance Pioneer Soap Works products only and do custom perfumery. We are not to be confused with any other product line or company. Our Product information can be found from our actual company website . The Bath Bar , L.L.C. website is intended for our local customers and facebook fans an easy online ordering experience directly from our bar.

The Bath Bar L.L.C. is a limited liability company, because it was a former business owned by two other owner before us and because our local customers know us by the name The Bath Bar, L.L.C. we continue to carry this name for our bar. The Bath Bar is not a company or a business, nor is it a product line, but a physical fragrance bar within our boutique at Pioneer Soap Works Natural Soap and Candle co.

DISCLAIMER: We are of no association with the former owners of The Bath Bar, L.L.C. or any other business that carries like or simular names in any other state. To our knowledge, we purchased the remaining supplies of  original The Bath Bar, L.L.C. including the name and L.L.C. for New Mexico, designs, labels, bottles, packaging. None of our names, fragrances, Perfume names, titles, graphics, labels are intended to be like any other and if there are simularities it is not intentional against any copyright or ownership.

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